Olympic Organisers Cancel Plans for Rowing Grandstand

In a bid to slash the costs of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, organisers have abandoned plans for a 4000-seater grandstand at the Lagao Rodrigo de Freitas.

Brazil is currently in a recession which is affecting every facet of the games, and the grandstand casualty is just a small part of the planned £353m cutback.

Of the 4.5 million tickets available to Brazilian nationals, only around half have been sold, whilst a mere 300000 of three million Paralympic tickets have been distributed. Such poor retail figures are a main reason for the events struggles so far.

“We are a bit worried with the Paralympics,” explained Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the organising committee. “We have to educate, publicise”.

“We have cut some services and made some important corrections”.

The games, which begin on the 5th August, have already come under increased scrutiny in light of the rising scale of poverty in Brazil. The rowing venue has also caused controversy, with faecal matter found in the water.

With an estimated operating budget of £1.3 billion, organisers are being forced to scale back plans for the games in an effort to balance the deficit.


Tom Morgan

Previous editor of Row360, publisher of Junior Rowing News, freelance writer for the Daily Telegraph, the Huffington Post, Vital Football and others. Student at the University of Southampton.

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