Thomas Keller Nominations: Greg Searle

 Greg, congratulations on a well-deserved nomination. What was your immediate reaction?

I remember Thomas Keller; he was doing great things in the sport when I first started, especially with the juniors in 1988 and 1989 and he struck me as guy who was on the side of the rowers. I love the medal because it’s to rowers from rowers and it’s great to be recognised by peers.

You’ve obviously won Olympic gold, so how does this nomination rank alongside that?

It’s a very different achievement. Rather than racing against people, it’s being recognised by the people you raced against if you like. To be named alongside the likes of the American and New Zealand women is pretty cool, as I never actually raced against them so it’s nice to now be on the same time. They’ve got great pedigree and history within the sport and I’m honoured to have my name up with them.

How are you currently involved in the sport?

I’ve always tried to stay close to the sport. I commentate for World Rowing and Henley Regatta, whilst I’m also a steward at the latter. I’ve worked closely with World Rowing as they’ve developed over the years and it’s been great to be involved with that and watch the sport grow. Within the HRR boundary, it’s also crucial to ensure that Henley keeps moving with the times. The televising of the event was a big step in the right direction and it’s meant we are on track to introducing it to a wider audience. I’m also President of the Senior British Championships, which take place in October. The aim is to try and make that event more relevant on the domestic calendar, and integrate squad athletes in with club, student and junior crews. I’m trying to stay as close to the sport as possible, and it continues to be a big part of my life!

Matilda Bywater

Having rowed for a number of years, Matilda has decided the sport may be better observed from the bank as opposed to the bows of a coxed four. Having finished school in the summer of 2015, she is now pursuing journalistic opportunities with a number of publications on her gap year. She is also planning to visit three continents in the space of six months.

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