Thomas Keller Nominations: Thomas Ebert [Denmark]


Thomas, congratulations on a well-deserved nomination. What was your immediate reaction?

It couldn’t be better! I’m flattered, and now I’ve just got my fingers crossed for May. I know that all of the candidates are extremely successful, so it’ll be a tough ask.

All of the other candidates come from either the USA, New Zealand or Great Britain – it must be great to get Denmark’s name up there?

Absolutely. I finished my elite career quite a few years ago and accepted that I wasn’t an active athlete anymore, so it’s great to be recognised in this manner. Naturally, I’m delighted I can represent my country in such a prestigious competition and it’s a great way to sign off my career.

You’ve obviously won double Olympic gold, so how does this nomination rank alongside that?

I wouldn’t rank it – I’m just honoured. Throughout my training, I was motivated by the thought of winning an Olympic gold medal. This is just a wonderful bonus, but it never crossed my mind during my racing career. Now that I have the nomination, I probably recognise a little more just how important it is though.

In Denmark, we have a special clap on your shoulder – it means your achievements have been recognised from the outside

How are you currently involved in the sport?

After Beijing, I met my wife and we moved in together pretty fast. That meant the end of my career. I also had my age and an impending job to consider. I’m a board member of the Danish Rowing Federation, and that’s a great way for me to stay engaged with the sport. I can share and contribute to the sport and our countries relationship with rowing. It’s also a great way to give back what has been granted to me; I was taken care of as an athlete, so I enjoy doing the same for others now.

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